Ecco pizza

Had the most amazing brunch experience at Ecco Pizzeria & Bar in Costa mesa. Upon our arrival the first thing we noticed was the warm and inviting ambiance and decor. The staff was very friendly and welcomed us with a smile. We sat down near the door at a high table and were brought our menu’s. The first item that caught our eyes was the grilled oysters and immediately knew we wanted some. Being a huge brunch fan the Toad in the hole was a must order (a detailed break down of the food items will be below). When inquiring with the server about what else is good she directed our attentions to the wood fired pizza’s. We decided on the Guido and the Goomba pizza’s and ended our orders there.

After ordering we enjoyed our drinks and relaxed with some casual conversation and awaited our food’s arrival. After roughly 10-15 min our first items reached our table which was the Grilled Oysters and the Toad in the hole.


Bandito Grilled Oysters

Tequila butter, Jalapeno pesto, Cojita cheese  $12.00

With a mild spiciness, rich tequila butter with the savory cojita cheese finished with a hint of smokiness

I have had a TON of grilled oysters and these were by far among the best iv ever had HIGHLY recommended.


Toad in the hole – $15.00

Two eggs, Brioche toast, Sausage gravy over porchetta hash

Talk about brunch heaven! savory on savory on savory, Would absolutely go back for this! my eggs were SLIGHTLY over cooked so not super runny but VERY good none the less

Guido Pizza – $16.00

Smoked Mozzarella, wood roasted peppers, caramelized onions, garlic, fennel sausage, topped with olive oil

This pizza was delicious. my least favorite among all the items we ordered today but still VERY good. delicious savory sweet pizza with amazing pizza dough, thin but not paper see through thin.

Goomba Pizza – $16.00

Spicy bacon marmalade, fresh mozzarella, arugula basil, roasted grape tomatoes.

this pizza is amazing! same dough as the Guido very tasty. but the portion that got me the most was the spicy bacon marmalade! OMG put that stuff on EVERYTHING you order you will thank me! spicy savory sweet leaves you begging for more. I told the chef he needs to sell bottles!

Overall i would give this brunch experience a 8 out of 10. Amazing food, kind people who care about their food and their customers. The staff was very attentive and the chef is amazing. Please visit them if you guys ever have a chance!



2937 Bristol St., NO. A-103

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tel 714.444.ECCO (3226)

Sun-Thur 11am-10pm

Fri & Sat 11am-12am


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