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Fin- Culver City, CA

My experience at fin was outstanding from start to finish. To describe FIN, I would say it is a small, but an establishment with personality due to its workers and outstanding food. When I think of a sushi restaurant in Culver City, I imagine the workers to be “high brow” and robotic. The workers at Fin, are anything but the above. Each worker makes you feel welcomed and each one gives you a personal experience, almost as if you are a guest in their home. Since, the moment we sat down, our drink orders were immediately taken, and throughout our meal our server was more than willing to answer any questions and recommend as requested.

The dishes we ordered are as follows-

  1. Filet Mignon with Truffle Mash– This is the priciest item on the menu at 28$. For 28$ you get beautifully sliced filet mignon which is cooked to your liking (I prefer mine between medium to medium rare). Although the Filet Mignon is cooked beautifully and is so tender and moist, the star of the dish is the truffle mash. The chef made sure that the balance between the truffle and dish was kept, each bite I took of the mashed potatoes had the perfect amount of truffle. This was my favorite dish of the evening.
  2. Seared Beef Carpaccio15$-This had to be my all time favorite beef carpaccio I have ever had. Why? At Fin, they flavor the filet mignon with crispy shitake mushrooms, and with truffle chive dressing. A combination that not only brings out the flavor of the meat, but thrusts flavors of the shitake, truffle, and chive in your mouth with each bite.
  3. Citrus Truffle Salmon Sashimi16$– To be honest, I knew I would love this dish as soon as I read the description “white truffle oil, black truffle shavings, microgreens“. The taste of this dish mimics its description, the fresh salmon sashimi, intertwined in the flavors of the white truffle oil, and truffle shavings doused in the citrus sauce was a pleasant mixture of sour and savory all at once.
  4. Spicy Albacore Fusion Roll17$– The roll was actually the least impressive of the tasting, not because of taste or presentation. But, because the flavors of the above dishes raised the bar. If I were to describe this roll, I would say imagine a California rolls (without avocado) topped with spicy albacore, spicy tuna,┬ásriracha, and jalapeno.


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